Creative Rut

While I am going through a creative rut, one thing I keep on reminding myself is ‘be willing to destroy’. The thought of perfection always stops me and many like us from creating. I think we should jump off the barrier and let ourselves make mistake, dare to be imperfect and go wrong. Because I … More Creative Rut

Blackout Poetry

‘More time to ourselves Too quick and Stuck between a rock of extinction Fight the good fight Make you existed.’ – u m a .     “I learnt to look. And you Looked magical” – u m a

Little Biggie Notes

I know I am home, when my soul starts to wither into a piece of paper- flawlessly, effortlessly defining myself in the most comfortable and authentic way. I am home, when I am true to myself before I am true to anyone else. – u m a

Blackout Poetry #1

So when you are bored of reading regular shits, you dump the news and embrace poetry. I tried black out poetry for the first time. And here it is, a little piece of thought i developed. Thank you @austinkleon for always being an inspiration. ” We haven’t reached that stage to break out of shells He … More Blackout Poetry #1